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    Bringing animated titles from AE to PP

    tosser1232131323 Level 1

      Hello all,


      I have recorded some interviews and took a sample video from one of them to create an animation that shows the subject's name and role they play. I need to customise each title for each person obviously and was wondering the best way of doing this.


      Here are the after effects layers:


      TOP      Title and Role (fixed animation of a custom title for each clip)

      2          Animated branded strip on which title sits (same for each clip)

      3          Test video clip (for positioning but will need to be replaced in Premiere by the video edit)

      BOTTOM     Animated background image that plays during the title animation and then disappears (same for each clip)


      I would like to customise each title sequence for each actor. Because one of the layers sits below the video layer (but is blended in as the video background is black) I need to be able to bring into Premiere as layers and reposition around the video clip.


      What's the most efficient way of doing this. I was thinking that as the background animation and title strip animation are fixed, I could create that as one composition and another composition for the specific title and bring each in uniquely for each actor. Just wondering what's the best workflow for doing this. Can I tell after effects to ignore the test video clip to avoid it being exported. Should I delete or can I just tell AE not to export or include in PP?


      Thanks for any help

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If this were my project I would create a different comp for each name by simply duplicating the comps in the Project Panel then changing the name. I would remove the background video, duplicate the comps, change the names,  then render each title using the Render Cue or AME using the Lossless With Alpha preset. The rendered titles would be brought into PPro and added above appropriate shot in the sequence.


          If you have CC 2014 I would work differently. I would create a Text Template in AE for Premiere Pro. This is a much more efficient workflow. Here's how: How to create text templates in After Effects for Premiere Pro | Adobe After Effects CC tutorials

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            tosser1232131323 Level 1

            Thanks Rick. Yes I'm on 2014 and text template does sound perfect as I might want to refine the style of the text and change the animation after creating the individual titles. I don't suppose it's possible from a single composition to bring in part of it above the video and part below it while retaining a single composition? I can easily create a comp of the background animation and just align it with each title clip and presumably that's also a dynamic link back into AE so if I change it there, all instances in PP will change. But if there's a smarter way of doing this from a single composition I'd be pleased to hear how.