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    How to embed Vimeo Video (URL/embed code) to InDesign interactiv PDF (A4 Format)?


      Hi there, I am looking for a way to embed a vimeo.com Video into my C.V.


      I copied the embed code on the vimeo site and pasted it into my InDesign document and added the "http:" in the HTML code. When I select the object and click on the Folio Overlay panel to Preview on Desktop I get the following Error:


      "The page size aspect ratio must match the folio aspect ratio."


      I triied resizing the frame of the pasted embed code to the page size of my PDF and resized the object itself within the frames to the page width afterwards but nothing stopped InDesign from givin me this error message.


      I am using CS 6 and I cannot place the video file in the indesign document itself for pdf file size reasons as u might understand.


      What am I doing wrong? Can I even use the DPS tools to embed a vimeo video to my A4 PDF at all? Is there a different way to embed the vimeo link? (I don't want to upload my video as an swf file on a server and link to it for several reasons, but if there is no other solution I will go for that.)


      Please help!