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    Fireworks Shelf Life


      How much longer will Fireworks be supported by Adobe? I have used for many years now and am considering giving up CC as it's my main tool of choice. I know this may seem narrow minded and most will say get into Photoshop, however I have more of a familirsiatsion with Fireworks and am continually interested in Sketch which may end up being my tool of choice.

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          Herbert2001 Level 4

          I do not think it is supported at all anymore at this point. It's basically a dead application, unfortunately - although extensions may extend its usefulness as a product.


          This sentiment is mirrored by the Fireworks dev blog: the last entry dates back to June 17 last year! That was also when the last bug fix was released.


          With newer versions of both Windows and MacOSx Fireworks may no longer properly function - whether Adobe will provide a fix when that happens, no one knows for certain.

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            goodaa1 Level 1

            Thanks for the feedback Herbert2001.


            I'm probably looking at Sketch as I can't get Fireworks on CC as a standalone application and really don't require the additional applications such a PS and DW etc.


            Thanks again.