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    Setting Up a Document for a Billboard - Need Help

    TheApexCaliber Level 1

      Hope someone can help me out with this.


      I'm trying to design a billboard. I'll be working primarily in Illustrator.


      My issue is that I'm having trouble setting up my document due to the format and size. I know that it's going to be made to scale, perhaps 1:10 but I still can't figure out how to set it up.

      Here are the specs:


      Board Size: 14' (h) x 40' (w) - feet

      Layout Size: 7" (h) x 20" (w)- inches

      Bleed Size: 7.5" (h) x 20.5" (w) - inches

      Safety Size: 6.5" (h) x 19.5" (w) - inches


      What I don't understand is how, take for instance the bleed's height x width, translate to top bottom left right?


      Also, how do I set the safety size, layout size? Do these also translate into top bottom left right specs?


      Can someone please help!!