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    Options for sending data

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      My epic app (DMX 2004) is in the final stages and I'm stuck again, I'm sorry to say.

      The app allows users to browse a catalogue of items and add them to a basket. Once the user is happy they can create their order, including their details, which I've loaded into a sprite, using the HTML property, AND saved to a file on the users local disk.

      Great. Now I need to get it to us. As part of the final ordering process I create a 'real' HTML file and use Dir to open this using goToNetPage, which contains the order itself and whatever else I want. What I need now is a way in which the user can automatically send the order file to our email address. As I understand it, the mailto tag 'attachment' rarely works and is considered a security risk in any case.

      What are my options? I have a file on the users hard drive that is a nicely formatted order and I need to get it emailed to us in the simplest (for the user) way possible.

      Any ideas or suggestions gratefully received.

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          The DirectEmail xtra looks like a good fit for you.

          Here is a clip from their website:

          DirectEmail is a cross-platform, easy to use Scripting Xtra for
          Macromedia Director, Authorware and Shockwave that provides applications
          with the ability to reliably send e-mails, send faxes as well as
          validate e-mail addresses.

          Emails can be sent in either plain text or rich HTML format, in various
          languages, and can include file attachments.

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            Er... thanks (am I the only one seeing multiple posts here?)

            Unfortunately, my boss, a certain E. Scrooge, refuses to pay for any more software this year (even this reasonable price) so that's not an option. Regardless, I still have concerns over compatibility and so will probably go with a 'manual' attachment method along with printing and faxing options. Thanks anyway.