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    DPS Desktop tools for InDesign?


      The other day I saw this (link) about Adobe Digital Publishing Suite and was briefly interested in it.  I requested a demo to learn more about it, but somehow I was never able to learn much about it and soon I just forgot about it.   Later today I noticed I have two updates for Indesign (both CC and 2014)  but discovered it was actually to update them with DPS Desktop tools.  But, I have not updated them....just not yet!!   I don't know if it is because I had shown interested in Digital Publishing Suite that the tools are automatically added to InDesign in my account?  And does it cost extra if I have to use DPS Desktop tools?  (It never said anything about how much it cost to use Digital Publishing Suite anyhow.) 


      Honestly I don't really know about Digital Publishing Suite...not enough info...and I'm kinda concerned because I could unwittingly have done something I am not ready for, and could end up paying hidden costs I know nothing about.  :S