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    Can I upload forms I created in Acrobat Pro (containing Javascript) add attachment fields to them?


      I am developing fillable forms for our company. We have the following requirements.

      1. Develop the forms in Acrobat Pro.

      2. They contain extensive JavaScript, including custom functionality to validate the fields on the form before saving.

      3. The forms must include some way to allow the users to attach files when requested.

      4. Each form will be sent out to multiple recipients.

      5. Recipients may not have Acrobat--only Reader.

      I have solved most of the problems, and I'm getting stuck on #3 (because of #5). Short of using LiveCycle Reader Extensions (which I do NOT have), I don't know how to get a Reader-extended fillable PDF to allow attachments. I want to know if FormsCentral allows it. I read the online help and tried a test form, but I don't see how to add an attachment field to it after it's uploaded--it appears to be in a "final" status that can only be sent out to recipients after that.

      Any help is appreciated. Thanks!