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    expressions - best practice for duplicating layers




      I have a fairly complex set of expressions on multiple layers.  These layers together make up an overall effect for a piece of footage.  For convenience I have these expression linked to a controller null object so I can control them from one place.  Now that I have it set up, I want to duplicate the group of layers (footage item, various effects, and null object controller) multiple times.  I basically have a template for a footage effect that I want to duplicate multiple times so I end up with many pieces of footage with this effect applied.  When I duplicate the group of layers, I'd love to set it up in a way that the  expression variables will now point to the duplicated controller object.  I noticed this behavior happens if the expression is a simple pick whip from one property to another.  Basically a direct connection.  But if I attempt to store this pick whip selection in a variable to be manipulated further, this functionality ceases.  So my question is, how can I create a set up that will permit me to duplicate layers and have the expressions update as if they were a simple direct pick whip from one property to another?  Is this possible?  If not, how can I better set this up to allow me to accomplish my end result?