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    Video Import question

      Greetings, I am trying to import a AVI movie to my Director project. Whem I create Director Projector and burn the project to Cd I get a screen that provides the followng message. "Video not available, cannot find vids:dsvd decompressor"

      I reformed a standard import.

      Any ideas or solutions will be much appreciated. A am at crunch time with this project.

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          SafariTECH Level 1
          It means the Intel DSVD codec is not available for the playback engine ... DSVD codecs are not necessarily standard codecs on all amchines since they are specialized for use with video conferencing.

          a) you have to have the required codec installed on the playback machine and there are only a handful of codecs for AVI that will work on all machines by default

          b) If you are using Director's default playback service for AVI, it does NOT use the WMP engine, but rather the older DirectShow/Mplayer32 engine and that engine does not support many codecs other than the old standbys

          QT media, FLV media, and to a lesser extent, Real media would be better choices since they rely on the actual player engine rather than a dated rudimentary technology on Win systems.

          Alternatively, if you can afford the extra $, the Mpeg Advanced Xtra by Tabuleiro would likely be a really good investment, since that one will work with the native engines installed for MPeg video playback.