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    InDesign bug with auto-size text frames

    Steffen Liss Level 1

      My company upgraded from CS4 to CC 2014. We do a lot of broschures with prices. We wanted to use the fitting options for text boxes. But it won't word properly.



      1. We got a price, let's say 50.-. The price text has an outline of e.g. 1pt. The frame has 3 rounded corners and an padding of 1mm.
      2. In the frame's options we set the fitting to "width only". The Rest is on standard settings.
      3. When you now edit the price to any other value the frame explodes and the width doubles.
      4. The more text you insert into the frame the wider the frame gets.
      5. Even when I disable the auto-size feature the frame kepps its enormous width. CMD+ALT+C doesn't work anymore.
      6. The bug can be reproduced on every machine (MacPro 2014, InDesign CC 2014).


      This is very annoying. The feature could have been a real help for our workflow.t wirklich ärgerlich, da es eine echte Hilfe wäre, wenn das gehen würde. Wir verwenden keine Plugins/Extensions.


      Anyone else with this problem?