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    Colors set correctly but still missing in Photoshop CC?


      Please only respond if you have anything helpful or productive to add! I don't need a lot of technical information on Color Management, I have understood for quite sometime the differences!  A photographer friend of mine that is a certified Lightroom and Photoshop teacher looked at my computer already and can't figure it out either.  I have a calibrated iMac All-In-One computer.  When I edit in Lightroom,  and export,  all of my colors are fine.  For web and print.  I use the smallest color space I can in both Lightroom and Photoshop.  When I save out of Photoshop I embed the color profile and everything is set to SRGB and web colors.  My friend pulled up information on both a Photoshop edit and a Lightroom edit,  and the info is exactly the same.  When I print or upload to web,  photos out if Photoshop lose a lot of colors.  I am asking if anyone knows exactly what this could be without being a jerk and acting superior. Move onto someone else's post if that's how you want to be.  What I am asking is specifically something to check, specific settings that maybe wouldn't have been obvious for some reason? Thanks for your time!