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    jquery cookies in edge animate


      So in a regular html5 page in IE I can get the following jquery code to work:








      But I can't get the code to work in my edgeActions.js file... I tried changing up the syntax (since when I use jquery in edge before I've had to change things for example:


                  left:carArrayX[carArrayXcounter] + "px",

                  top:carArrayY[carArrayYcounter] + "px"

                  }); '





                 left:myVariableX + "px",

                 top:myVariableY + "px"


      but I can't figure out the cookies in edge with jquery to get them workign... It's probaby a syntax thing but all I could think of was this:


                sym. $.cookie('mycookieX',cookieXcounter,{expires:7,path:'/'});

                sym. $.cookie('mycookieY',cookieYcounter,{expires:7,path:'/'});





      --------------------------> and of course this doesn't work..


      Please provide thoughts...