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    replace url (xml file) on-the-fly with HTTPService

      Hi guys,

      If I originally populate an HTTPService-driven gallery/thumbloading scroller with a file called gal_red.xml (my working example to get this figured out), and want to on-the-fly change that file to gal_blue.xml when a link is clicked, I can't make it work. What is happening is that the blue file is being APPENDED after the red file.

      This is the code I have on the button:

      private function loadBlue():void {
      //Application.application.scroller.dataProvider=Application.application.mainthumbXMLsrv.l astResult;


      If you look at my page, and click blue1.jpg (near the top left), you will see that it appends to the scroller, the blue files are added, but the red xml-based files remain. Can someone please tell me what I might be doing wrong?

      I have VS enabled if it helps:

      Sorry it's ugly, it's just for me to wrap my head around the flow, so I've stripped it out of my real application...this is probably only 1 of many dozens of things I still need to learn to make this work.