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    Strange bug in Flashplayer for Firefox on Windows

      Hello All,

      First, I'm not sure that it's the right forum, as suspect the bug to be in the flash player implementation more than in my code, but here goes:

      I have a simple .flv movie player. On mouse move (Over the stage), an interface appears on top of the FLV playback component, allowing the user to pause the movie. After a short while of no movement, the interface disappears again.
      This works well. The interface is not in the way and only there when needed. The only problem is that I'm experiencing some trouble with flashplayer for firefox on Windows. It works as advertised in IE, 6+7 and Firefox/safari on Mac. The error reproduces over several computers, so it's not a buggy installation.

      What happens, is that the FLVPlayback component pauses when the mouse doesn't move. This is of course a problem because of the 40% black overlay that is part of the interface. So you can only see the movie if you keep you mouse moving within the player, and is able to distract from the interface overlay.

      I implement the mouse handling as shown.

      That's all there is to it. The show and hide functions do just that. Make a _root.onEnterFrame and uses that to show or hide the interface like shown.

      Nothing in there has anything to do with stopping the playback. I'm showing a button, that's all. Not clicking it.

      The error only occurs in Firefox on Windows.
      I suspect it's something to with Event handling, when leaving the Stage area.

      Is done in Flash 8 on MacOSX

      Any ideas?

      Best regards,