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    edit keyboard shortcuts?


      In Lightroom 5.6, when I first review which photos to keep (P) and which to reject (X), I have to run through the whole pile twice because i can't reach the x and the p with one hand. I've set it up to forward automatically, which keeps both hands in place so I only have to go through the stack once, but then it wreaks havoc when I am in the development stage and refine with stars and color labels, which bumps it forward when i don't want it to. So then I have to go back and change it back again.


      it's really cumbersome for me, especially if i can't remember how to get back to that setting. Very frustrating when that happens, because all I can remember is that it is in some obscure place I have to dig around for again. Would love to know how others handle that issue!


      what i need is for the Pick or Reject to both be accessible to the left hand. Maybe F for Flag instead of P for Pick?


      and better yet the ability to set the keyboard up to suit myself. That would be awesome!

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          SeanMcCormack Adobe Community Professional

          It can be done natively on Mac, but you'd need a third party app on Windows to do it. e,g HotKeyBind, AutoIt, AutoHotkey

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            johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

            To build on Sean's response: On Mac OS, you can use System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts to set keyboard shortcuts for menu commands.  Another alternative, for both Mac and Windows, is to edit the LR config file TranslatedStrings.txt.  Google it for more information.   There is also a plugin, Keyboard Tamer, that has a nice user interface for editing the file, but I'm not sure it's supported for LR 5.