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    Print Booklet Bleed Issue in CS6


      When I try to print the file as a booklet, the left and right bleeding of some pages does not appear on themselves; however, they appear on the next spread.


      The spread goes like this, with some objects exceeding the pages for bleeding:



      When I print as a booklet, the preview goes like this:


      Front and Back Covers; their left and right bleed do not show...


      ...but instead, they reach the next spread. These blue stripes in the left and right are the continuation of the covers above.


      And it keeps happening with other pages that need bleeding. The top and bottom bleed are fine.

      I tried changing many options in the print booklet dialogue box, even in the printer setup itself.

      It may be that I have built the spreads wrong too I am still thinking if these 2 and 21 pages are necessary to exist in the file, since they are only blank. (though I had tried deleting them too, and the issue still exist)

      I looked everywhere for a solution, maybe I don't know the right terms to search for this problem...


      I also noticed that everything goes well while using the Export (to PDF) command.

      The reason I'm using the booklet option is to have a document with the pages in an order ready for print and staples,

      while maintaining the 1 to 22 sequence to use in the web.


      It would be terrible creating another document and change the page numbers manually.

      Hope somebody knows how to make it.

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          HeyMikey Level 3

          Hi there,


          It sounds like you may have a page count issue? You mentioned 22 pages; for Saddle-stitched (stapled) printing, you need to have a page count in multiples of 4; 22 doesn't divide by 4. Hope this helps!




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            rodrigogsn Level 1

            Hi Mikey!


            My bad, sorry: actually there're 24 pages counting the covers and the 2 blank pages. (1-22 is the numbering for the inside content).

            Even changing the page numbers won't correct the bleed.


            Deciding to do something new, I isolated the pages, which first were Facing Pages.

            After making a end with the spreads, the Booklet option seemed to function normally with the document bleed.


            The problem is that I still would have to change the margins of the pages manually,

            since they are not spreads anymore and now there's no inside/outside margins, but left/right instead.


            If I could understand why I can't print the spreads as booklet would be so much better...