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    Changing stroke [reduction] thickness of a font (Glyph)?

    shawninvancouver Level 2

      Hello all,


      I used the Glyph function for a curly bracket in order to denote two sections on an illustration. It isn't ideal by it gets the point across (I am open to ideas that are better than a font based curly bracket).


      Anyhow, because I had to expand the curly bracket character to 72pt, it is now too thick. Is there a feature, in InDesign that will allow me to lessen the stroke size? The Stoke Weight is already 0, so that won't work. I have also lowered the Horizontal scale... that helped with the appearance. Plenty of community help requests talk about increasing stroke thickness, but none cover reducing it.


      Another option is to convert the font character to curves. Can I do that without going into Illustrator?


      Thank you.