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    Map ID Assignment

      I just upgraded to RH HTML 6 and I'm in the process of assigning Map IDs. What a pain! First of all, the help topics about these tasks are clunky. One topic tells you how to set up map files, the next how to set up map IDs, the next how to assign map IDs. So from a usability perspective, I've just been told three times to go to the Project tab, expand the Context Sensitive folder, expand the Map Files folder, etc. There should be just one topic called "Mapping Topics to Object IDs" and it should start with a nice workflow tutorial (made in Adobe Captivate) about how this really goes ... if your objective is to associate a topic with an object in the software you are documenting, then you should see a diagram that illustrates that you first have to make these "map file" things, then you have to associate them with your topics, and then, finally, you have to associate each map file with an object using its numeric code. Lastly, it would be really great to see a section in the help about different ways to find out what the object IDs are ... not every company is capable of outputting a handy report of every object ID, so there are nice freeware apps, like WinSpy, that allow you to simply mouse-over a windows object to get info about it, including its ID, function calls, etc.

      Second of all, the screens for working with Map IDs are very confusing.

      The New Map File window does nothing to put the activity in context. Its just a blank entry field. It should have a blurb like "Enter a unique name for this map file". The OK button should be a Save button so the user knows that file will be added to the project under the Map Files tab.

      On the Edit Map IDs window, there are a couple of things that need improvement:

      The Map File field contains an option called "<Project Map File>" and its not obvious what this is. I am guessing its where I associate the entire project with an object?

      The mini-buttons plainly suck (its hard to tell what they are going to do from looking at them) and need to at least have mouse-over hints pop up. The one next to the Map File field should look like the "New" button you see in Windows Explore for New File or maybe the button you use for New Topics in RN.

      The whole screen should illustrate the process of building map files, matching them to topics, and then associating them with object IDs. Tabs in a left-to-right design or a rearrangement of the regions might help with this.

      The Assign button only becomes available if you've created a cadre of map files first and you have not yet assigned them to any topics. If you click the Auto-Map button, then you can assign an object ID to your map file. This screen needs to be redesigned such that it is very clear.
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