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    Color backgrounds for text in InDesign

    BeckieBea Level 1

      Hey y'all! I'm using InDesign CC 2014 and I need some help!


      So I'm doing a quick reference guide that has headers that are color coded. Content changes in this guide depending on what product it's being inserted into, so I want to have these headers to be movable. Normally I'd just make a text box the color I need, but this is a BIG text box with a lot of text.


      I tried anchoring the shape with the color to my header, but then my header disappeared. Short of having to rearrange spacing every time, what I can do to make it so that I am not having to realign the text in the header boxes any time there's a change? IOW, I want those colored boxes to move with the text. For example, using the graphic below, if I needed to add a number 3 to my list under Disengaging Cruise Control, I don't want to have to respace AUTOPILOT and move the color box. Make sense? I hope so. Thanks for any help!