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    Problems with Long Interactive PDFs with Extensive Interactivity via Buttons and Hyperlinks


      I have inherited a project which requires the creation of large interactive pdfs with lots of buttons and hyperlinks. I am having continuing problems with buttons not working and long periods of wasted time as attempted exports fail.



      The largest books range from 264 MB to 411 MB – (764 to 1024 pages).  Per book, the maximum number of buttons on each page is 16, linking separate files (subsections) in the book via text anchors.  The buttons are created using Master Pages which are set for each file (subsection) in the book.  50% to 60% of the pages in each file (subsection) will also be referenced as 2 hyperlinks.  One is the source page hyperlink on each workflow and the second is a listing on the source page as a possible navigation path. I have created hyperlink destinations for each page which is used to generate the source and navigation hyperlinks.  With 2 hyperlinks representing 50%-60% of the pages - that means the largest book contains a maximum of 1200 hyperlinks.  Each file (subsection) also has it’s own separate TOC and the bookmarks that are created  (optionally) during the TOC creation process.   As currenlty formatted, the book is primarily images of workflows which mean 50%-60% of the pages contain pdf images.


      Several questions:


      1.  How do I get my buttons to work consistently?  There is nothing worse than working hard and then ending up with faulty product.  I have been thinking about combining all the files into 1 document per book.  Then I could change the buttons to objects, add a hyperlink over each one and set them for a specific hyperlink destination.  Can I do that if the buttons are on Master Pages?  Can InDesign handle a document with 1024 pages?    I can't fix the problems in Acrobat later because it would mean 1024 fixes for just 1 button correction.


      2.  How do I stop InDesign from freezing when exporting these large pdfs?  It seems to wait until the final steps to crash which sometimes means a 4-6 hour waste of time per export. 


      3.  Are we making a mistake using pdfs as our workflow images?  I'm not pleased with the quality of the images we have and wonder if we switched to another image format if this would improve the results.   Would it be worth the effort and relinking?  I have been reading different information on what the preferred source image format is for InDesign.  One article I found yesterday says using pdf images is a problem.  Another site said the Photoshop, TIF and JPG are preferred but PDFs were also acceptable.


      4.  Do I need to propose scrapping InDesign as the source of the project?  If so, what application can better meet my needs?