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    Adobe Edge Animate Export Options


      I am very new to Adobe Edge Animate, but are there any additional export options other than the .html and javascript files? We are also hoping to use what I created at a tradeshow and therefore need it formatted as a video not an html file. I have not been able to find any options and I would like to avoid having to completely recreate the video. We have access to the entire Adobe Creative Suite, so if there are options in other programs, I would love to hear suggestions.

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          Potts Level 1

          if you need it to play as a video wouldn't a program like after effects be more suited to your needs? if it's an issue of playback any computer with a modern web browser would be able to play an edge file, and you can put a browser in full screen mode and it will appear just like a movie. you don't even have to be connected to the internet, as long as you can load the files on a usb drive.


          that being said, if you truly need it to be a video file from an edge document there are programs out there that can capture video of a desktop, much like a screen grab, but with video. i don't know anything about then or their quality, but they do exist.

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            Portal2thePacific Level 1

            If all fails you can always screen record you project using "action" or "camtasia studio's" and record it in hd which is like converting to video. lol

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              Seth Regan

              Quick time has built in screen capture and Ive used it to record edge animations with good success, even exporting at 1080. Trick is to set your screen "crop" before you hit record. Oh and make sure your cursor is well outta the way :-)