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    Organizing and file structure-


      just getting started with LR.  Will the program allow me to keep my images in their current location on my HD?  If so can  I still use LR to organize and create new folders once imported?

      Or do I need to organize before importing.

      If they are all imported dent that then duplicate a large photo collection and use up lots of disk space?

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          dj_paige Level 9

          Yes, you can keep everything where it is currently, you import into Lightroom using the Add option. New folders can also be created on import into Lightroom, or at any time thereafter using Lightroom (not your operating system). Importing takes up very little extra space.


          Let me point out that in my opinion, organizing has nothing to do with folder or file structure. NOTHING. The two can be and should be independent. The better way to organize, in my opinion, is to simply leave photos in their existing folders, then add new photos to default named folder (such as capture date), and do the real organizing in Lightroom using Lightroom tools -- keywords, captions and other metadata. Add keywords religiously to your photos, and add captions as appropriate. This gives you a much more flexible and powerful organization than anything you could achieve using files and folders, and gives you much faster and more powerful searches as well. So, please, stop worrying about folders, and start thinking about adding meaningful keywords and captions to your photos.

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            Geoff the kiwi Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Great opinion Paige but how do you organise with keywords or captions????

            I guess you are meaning organising with Collections.....

            In my opinion having an organised folder structure is equally as important as metadata organisation. Both have their place and uses.

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              dj_paige Level 9

              I do just what I said ... keywords on every photo and captions as needed.


              I can't see why you "guess" that I am organizing with Collections as I didn't mention that word at all. I have only a few collections for special purposes.