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    How does Zach King do this?



      How does Zach King do this vine?

      All Vines Of Zach King (138 Vines) - YouTube

      from minute 00:06 - 00:13.

      Thanks, Oren.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          I see nothing there that goes beyond some basic corner pin tracking and masking.



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            Sushka Level 1

            What is corner pin tracking?

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I don't think it was corner pin tracking because that would have required Zach to actually do some slight of hand. I think the card was inserted later. My reasoning:


              Track hand

              Shoot card front and back while watching playback of master shot so you can get timing right

              Edit card shot so it looks like card flips

              Roto Card (of if shot against green screen Key)

              Attach card to hand using tracking data

              Add mask for two fingers

              Time remap card to match timing of master shot


              Better... Add card shadow to shot so the give away is not so obvious


              BTW, not talking about camera tracking, just simple point tracking and only for the frames where the hand is stable. EZ as pie if you can shoot and light.


              Every one of his tricks require a good knowledge of lighting, good camera work, preproduction planning and good compositing skills. The tricks sell because this guy has very good tracking skills.