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    import from another catalog

    Robert Ades1



      I'm trying to import from another catalog and the vast majority of my thumbnails are grayed out and won't import.  Both machines are using LR 5.6.  The source catalog was created on a Mac (10.9.4) and the destination is a PC running Windows 7.  I'm using an SD card to transfer the files.


      Below is a screenshot.  I would like to import all 449 photos.


      (SIDE QUESTION:   When I log on to this website, it takes a long time (sometimes forever) for Adobe to accept my credentials.  Any idea why?)


      Thank you in advance for your help.



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          ~IanB~ Level 1

          have those files been in the catalog you importing into?

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            Robert Ades1 Level 1

            No, I checked carefully and they're not.  In fact, many of the photos that are NOT grayed out have already been imported (successfully) into the destination catalog.


            Could there be something about the way I pulled those files off the Mac that is causing this?  I copied the entire Pictures folder, which includes the files, the catalog and the previews .lrcdata folder.


            I'm stumped.


            EDIT:  FIGURED IT OUT.  Turns out that I had unsaved metadata.  Once I cleared that up, the problem went away.