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    Custom Preloader Blinking Problem

      Hi all,

      I am working on a custom preloader and when it is done loading the first application or image I want it to load another one but keep the preloader up. I have this working for the most part but after the applications' initial loading is done, it will blink the preloader on and off before starting to load the next image. Once FlexEvent.INIT_COMPLETE gets called, the function that handles this event starts a delay for 1 sec to wait for the image to initial image to load. After that delay (which was set by a timer) is done and the event TimerEvent.TIMER_COMPLETE gets called, it is suppose to call a function that starts a new timer and loads up a new picture. At this point, it will continue to increment my custom preloader bar. However, After the delay it will make the preloader go invisible for a short while and then go visible again. I was wondering if there was any way I could get it so that it wouldn't blink and would just stay on the entire time. It seems to be pretty intermittent where sometimes it will stay visible and sometimes it will blink.