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    no animation on second loop.




      I created edge animate web banner. I wanted to loop the animation. I tried the 'play from' play the the animation to the label I created on the start.

      It worked, however the animation on the next loop is not working as the 1st one.


      here is the banner i created. banner


      Thank you,


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          Portal2thePacific Level 1

          At the end of every fade animation "banner" add a sym.play('label here') and direct it to the beginning of the next text animation thats suppose to happen.


          so when it reaches the end of the first banner have code there telling it to play the animations of the next banner and so on. When you get to the last banner you add send it to the first banner.


          You can also add it to your on click event for each circle on the bottom right.


          If you have the animations separated in different symbols (movie-clips) then here is the full path to direct to their appropriate labels.


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            PimCrypton Level 1

            I think you are not resetting the animation, you should tell the animation to play it from the beginning or to reset the animation after playing.

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              jsbasa Level 1

              how can I reset the animation on each symbol I created? I put this at the end of the timeline in stage. sym.play(0);


              I created 4 symbol. each symbol has it's own animation. It is working when you first view it. but on the next loop the animation doesn't work.


              I will try the suggestion above. I'll let you know.

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                heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

                Did you get this fixed? In Chrome your banner completes the 4 animations and restarts as expected.



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                  jsbasa Level 1

                  Hello I tried the above suggestion but it did not worked. It is working on 1st animation but when it loops the animations will not worked.

                  I am new to edge animate. It is probably how I set up my timeline symbol. Below is the way I set up my timeline.




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                    PimCrypton Level 1

                    And if you use sym.getSymbol("YOURSYMBOL").play(FRAME);

                    instead of stage. sym.play(0); at the end. This should play the Symbol again.



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