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    How do I retreive the link to redownload Indesign CS6 onto windows 8?


      I hope that someone can help me, because the Adobe website
      is hopeless. I am a returning customer trying to reload Indesign CS6 after
      suffering a hard drive failure on my laptop. The link to the my Licensce
      details takes me to the new Indesign CC, which of course will not activate with
      my CS6 product serial number. (https://creative.adobe.com/apps?trial=IDSN)



      I have tried using the Adobe website search facility which
      only brings up CS6 updates, which produces a generic Windows message after the download
      , stating that windows doesn’t know how to open the programme, due no doubt to
      being updates only.



      I am finding dealing with problems with Adobe products
      almost impossible, and get the feeling that they are only focussed on the sale
      of new products, and couldn’t give a hoot about those that have already invested
      significant amounts of money.



      The website directly reflects this, with the menus making it
      impossible to find links to older products for customers like me. If that wasn’t
      enough, this message is having to be generated on word first, as the text is
      being produced in the comments box in white, and is on a white background! How
      bad is that? All I want is to be able to download what I have paid for…… BTW
      Cloud is of no use either, it should be renamed cloud 9 as Adobe has managed to
      chew up far too much of my time already. Not a good way to build confidence in
      retaining customers…….