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    Creating a button that highlights itself and another object


      Hello all,

      I have a specific function I am trying to apply to my InDesign document intended for exporting to an interactive PDF and SWF/html format.
      The function I am trying to create is:
      I have a picture of a typical WYSIWYG tool bar. I have created highlight buttons that sit on top of each icon in the picture. When the reader rolls over (with cursor) this picture of an icon I want it to highlight, and also a piece of text further down the page to highlight as well (which is a definition and explanation of the icon). So I want the rollover action of my first button to also trigger another action, which is to highlight a piece of text elsewhere on the page. I have managed to get it so that I hover over the first button (picture of icon), it highlights, and the text further down the page appears. But this isn’t quite what i want. I want the text to exist already, then highlight. Basically, I want to the two buttons to be linked. So that every time I hover over a portion of the picture with a created button, it will highlight, and a piece of exploratory text will also highlight simultaneously elsewhere on the page. A bit like an infograph. Surely this is possible?

      Thanks in advance for your help.