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    Data-driven graphics error

      I'm trying to use the data-driven graphics wizard for a card game some friends and I are creating. Each card has 9 text variables and 2 image variables. When I run the wizard, it finds all the variables just fine, but after properly processing one variable (actually, we've gotten both images to load, but it dies after one text), it stops, saves the file as is, and tells us:

      An error occurred.
      An error occurred.


      An error occured.
      Incorrect parameter.

      ...Useful stuff huh? Here's the source if anyone wants to try this and investigate the mystery of the crashing graphics wizard: template: http://www.freewebtown.com/PhireNexus/ImpRome/template.png
      xml: http://www.freewebtown.com/PhireNexus/ImpRome/cards.xml

      We noticed that on the variable-pairing screen, there's an extra blank variable (it just is blank, no name, but it does exist) on the xml side. Otherwise, this whole thing is irregularity-free. Very frustrating stuff.

      Apparently having symbols in the template was causing the error. Who knows why...