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    New editing rig - Please advise


      Hey guys.


      Thanks in advance for all your great advice


      My setup atm:


      - i5 3470

      - 2X4GB G Skill TridentX F3-2400C10-4GTX

      - Really crap GPU AMD Radeon HD 5450 bought because I needed HDMI

      - PSU is an oldie but goodie SILVERSTONE ST56F 560W I believe it can take the extra power (please confirm or advise how I can test)



      I'm upgrading the following parts:


      CPU - 4790K (found one with batch # L420B755 which is supposed to be pretty good and should reach 4.7+ 24/7 overclock)


      Motherboard - So far I'm considering ASRock Z97-ANNIVERSARY or ASUS Z97M-PLUS I would like to stay within this price range if possible. Which one do you think would more likely the needed power to OC the 4790k to 4.7+? OR is there another I should be considering?


      RAM - I will be going for 16GB but I'm facing a dilemma that I hope you can help me with. Do you think higher frequency is better for video editing or does it not matter?

      I've read that latency is actually the more important part when it comes to video editing. But I don't know what would be a good CAS or latency I should be looking for?


      GPU - Unsure yet but GTX 770 looks like the winner, I think it'll do what I need and it's good value for the money, although I'm contemplating buying now or waiting till the new GTX 790 or 880 comes out in the next month or so which should bring us some specials?

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          Jackson_Row Level 1

          Thanks mate I've seen these before,


          Anybody with some real advice?

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            cc_merchant Level 4

            Planning a NLE System


            From these articles:


            CAS latency is no longer important, in fact, with the finicky nature of the memory controller of the Sandy Bridge-E, it can be advantageous to choose a higher CAS latency for improved compatibility. What can be important - relatively speaking, only in single digit % performance differences - is the rated speed of the memory, 1333 or 1600 or 2133 or even 2400.


            http://www.extreme.outervision.com/secure/psucalculatorpro.jsp shows the PSU is insufficient.

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              JFPhoton Level 3

              ...Go Haswell E to better prepare for the immediate future...which will involve 4K.  Read Eric Bowen's test results posted here on this forum to see the difference in performance with this new CPU and X99 chipset.  Also, you should plan on at least 32GB of system memory.....the memory timings are not as important as the CPU overclock...the haswell E should be steady at between 4.3 and 4.5 Ghz...depending on the quality of your particular chip. In addition ....using fast SATAIII SSDs of the crucial M550 series,or, even better, the samsung Pro 850 series, will provide the necessary speed to avoid bottlenecks. The older X79 platform does NOT contain the NEW features of the X99...quad channel memory, 10 SATAIII ports onboard and more.

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                Jackson_Row Level 1

                Thanks JFPhoton,


                At the moment the only thing I'm using is Premiere pro CC 14. I do a lot of multicam (2-3 cameras) and very simple color correction.

                The most important thing for me is playback because I only edit the projects and send them back to the studio where someone else encodes and authors the blurays, that's for now anyway. Perhaps I will take on that hassle sometime in the future.


                The work is of RAW DSLR footage mainly. 1080p25 or 50fps and also Sony NX5 which is AVC around 24Mbps at 1080p25.


                On the current setup I borrowed an 8gb stick from a friend and have been editing on 16gb, it seems like it's "just there" and it's doing okay.


                Can't see the studio I'm working for going to 4k just yet or anyone for that matter, because 4k displays, cameras and even media are not in the mainstream just yet and are quiet high in $ for at least another 1-2 years I think. (I could be very wrong)


                So for now I think a haswell E is an overkill. Plus I've already bought a 4790K today

                Would you recommend 32GB even for formats I work with now?

                Also which motherboard in the price of $200 AUD would you recommend? This is what's driving me insane, there are so many!

                I need a good motherboard power delivery with good VRM's so it won't have a problem overclocking the 4790K to 4.7Ghz+ (I know there's the silicon lottery but the batch I bought should be a good chip)

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                  JFPhoton Level 3

                  well...PPro CC 2014 NOW makes better use of memory.....32 GB is what Eric, ( here on the forum and computer builder for video editing at ADK), recommends as a minimum. Even on my Haswell laptop...there is a difference...i am using 24 GB.


                  I see Asus MOBOs frequently in use by the serious guys here. Make sure your power supply will be adequate UNDER FULL LOAD. Example : the new Haswell E has a "TDP" of 140 watts...HOWEVER, overclocked at 4.5Ghz, it draws between 3 and 4 HUNDRED WATTS ALONE !!! Add the GPU and that's a good load !! Make sure you read Eric's postings here regarding the performance of the Haswell E and how it compares to your chip....also, Anand Tech did a thorough comparison with your 4790K and the Haswell E and other CPUs, so you would know what to expect when you test your new machine on the PPBM 7 website, to make sure its running right.

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                    Jackson_Row Level 1

                    What's PPBM 7?


                    I need a minimum of 590W based on the calculator. From the brief search around I'm seeing the Corsair RM1000 and EVGA SuperNOVA 1000G2 the most appealing. Corsair offers 5yrs warranty where EVGA offers 10yrs which is why I'm leaning toward EVGA.


                    I believe I should be buying 1000w 80+ gold PSU for my setup as the difference in price of electricity between gold and basic is around $30-$35/year is worth the investment (it will only take 4-5 yrs to pay the $130 difference) That's a short time in a PSU's life.



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                      Jackson_Row Level 1

                      Could really use some expert advise.


                      I bought a GTX Titan purchased in february 2013, it still has 18 months warranty for $540AUD

                      I got it because it was a really cheap buy and thought of selling it. Now I do have a couple of serious offers at $650AUD.


                      I can also buy an R9 290 today for $300AUD

                      So I'm confused, should I keep the Titan or is it an overkill for what I do and should get the 290?

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                        ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                        Keep the Titan and wait on the Nvidia 900 series cards. AMD cards don't perform nearly as well with Adobe. The 900 Series cards are releasing very soon hint.




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                          Jackson_Row Level 1

                          I'm also taking that as a hint to sell this one at the price I can get not before half its current value drops



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                            ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                            Keep in mind it's often a couple months after an Nvidia release before you see the highest end Geforce cards cards.




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                              JFPhoton Level 3

                              ...the new NVidia 980 and 970 have been released. It seems that the major improvement is in better power usage and new anti- aliasing features for gaming. The memory bandwidth is WAY below that of the 780 ti...220 GB/sec vs. over 300 for the 780ti. This may be why the price is STILL lower on these new cards vs. the 780ti. These new cards come with a minimum of 4 GB video memory, vs. only 3 GB on the 780ti.

                                  However, the new Maxwell architecture may help performance....Eric's testing will show any improvements. As it takes almost a supercomputer to push some of these cards to their full potential....these lower priced cards may just be the right fit for a new Haswell E machine....without having to break the bank to buy one. On the other hand,  like Eric said, there may be OTHER versions coming with the higher memory bandwidth AND the Maxwell architecture.