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    Import Excel with charts and keep text content

    Alex Filippov

      I'm developing solution based on InDesign Server and need to import excel document containing chart and text content to InDesign doc.

      I haven't found any way to import it and still have a capability to work with text content. Most threads suggest two practice:

           1. export document to pdf/eps and import

           2. copy\paste chart using the clipboard alone from the other content

      Neither way is sutable for me.

      Is there any solution, from indesign or third-party, that allows me to import excel file with text content and keep charts available for high-resolution printing. I.e. charts could be vector images or high-quality raster.

      Complication is I need it in script for InDesign Server without any clipboard or selection. Also, Office COM-model isn't suitable because of server and multi-thread limitations.