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    offline form submit


      Hi guys!

      I'm developing a forms solution with FormsCentral.

      I need some light in a particular aspect of it.

      But first, the big picture:

      It's a form system for teachers to use, to write reports on the classes they give. It's a music school, so the forms are going to be used to keep track of each class and what was taught etc etc etc.

      So each teacher can open them on their iPads or iPhones and fill them out each class.

      I've tested this and it works great.

      But, the internet connection sometimes drops here, so I need it to work accessing the LAN at the school, as in to have it still work even with no internet access.

      How do I go about doing this?

      Thanks in advance!

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You can't submit a form without internet access. If you're using a PDF form, it can be saved locally and submitted when internet access is available, but this is a bit awkward on iOS since there is no "Save As" feature to save a form to a new file.