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    How can I transform one part of image while keeping a two inch border around it?

    JoshWise Level 1

      Basically, I have photos with gallery wrap mirrored edges that need to stay two inches big. I would like to be able to change the "face" of the image without having to separately align the borders each time, and re-align. What I have been doing is selecting just the face of the image, and putting it on a different layer from the mirrored image around it. I then resize it. I have to select the mirrors separately.. top then bottom, then left, then right... and resize to fit the face image, and go snug against it. It is hard, and imprecise. Is there a way to select just part of the image, the face, and have it proportionally snug the surrounding border as I change size? If not Photoshop, anyone know of another that would do it?