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    Stereoscopic (3D), embedding the 'type' in a video

    sinious Most Valuable Participant

      Hey all,


      I've read in some forums (makemkv, xbmc) that there are headers you can put in a MP4 that will tell the TV which type of stereoscopic is being used (top and bottom, side by side, interleave, etc). Does anyone have experience with which containers/codecs can have this information embedded and what apps I may need to get this done?


      There was a link in their forums to a youtube MP4 that triggers a TV when played via a media device. Either a PS3, XBox, Popcorn Hour, HTPC, etc. After the MP4 H264 started playback the TV appropriately received the correct type of 3D in use. I'd really like to implement this in some fun I'm having with the 3d rigging system in AE.


      Does anyone know how to embed this in the headers or metadata of the video? Thanks!