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    How do I create more than one navigation button in Adobe Fireworks CS6?


      Hi guys, 


      Apologies if this comes across as very stupid question. I am a complete beginner with Adobe Fireworks and I'm in the process of creating my first website and I have got to the stage where I want to create navigation buttons and the book I have recommends using Adobe Fireworks so I have downloaded. My problem I have encountered is after I have created my first two state button what is the next step to create another two state button which has the identical size and colour of the previous two state button?


      Here is a brief rundown of the steps I have done to do the first two state button:


      1) Edit-Insert-New Button

      2) Chose the rectangle and then specified the width and height of the button and chose my stroke and fill colour

      3) Centred the button and used the text tool to put the button as a 'Home' button for my website. I then went on Window and Align in order to centre the text on the button

      4) I went on Select-Select All and then went on Windows-States to open the states panel. I right clicked on state 1 which is Up and clicked on copy to states. I then selected the next state radio button and clicked OK.

      5) I selected State 2 and slightly modified it by changing the colour of the text.

      6) I then clicked the back button to return to the main window.


      After this what step should I take to create my another button which has the same size, colour and text style as I have created for the first button? I tried just repeating these steps again but when I do step 1 it creates a new fireworks document which means I have to create the buttons size, colour, text style from scratch.


      Your help would be greatly appreciated guys and once again I do apologise if this comes across as a silly question.


      PS Please could you let me know if the steps I have taken to create the 1st two state button are correct