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    Text hyperlink doesn't work. ??

    shawninvancouver Level 2

      Hello all,


      I have encountered a very odd problem. I have two hyperlinks in my InDesign (v8.x) document. One is an email link, the other a twitter HTTPS link.


      The email link works (I suspect this is even automatic... see next problem) but the Twitter link (text uses the format @twitter_name). If I open Window > Interactive > Hyperlinks panel, both links are correct and work. However, when I export to a PDF, the email link works but the Twitter link is interpreted as an email link (mailto:).


      I experimented by removing the '@' symbol from the text name, exported to PDF... and found that it was no longer a hyperlink of any kind. What is going on? This shouldn't be so complicated.


      BTW, I even tried making a new text hyperlink for the Twitter account - same results.


      Thank you.