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    Flash content hard crashes computer, no matter what I do


      I have gone to the end of the earth to find a solution to this problem and I cannot figure it out.


      I've tried older video drivers(nvidia, gtx460), I've tried newest, a little older.

      I've tried as many different versions of Flash player I could find

      Both combinations of flash player and video driver have been interchanged with more combinations than a Yahtzee dice game.


      Computer build is less than a year old.

      This crash was happening for a couple weeks very intermittently, then it got worse, then one of the lockups CAUSED BY FLASH to caused my operating system to become corrupt. THEN, even after a full format and reinstall, FLASH STILL CRASHED MY COMPUTER.

      Every single piece of computer hardware has been stress tested and temperature monitored.

      New PSU was installed (corsair hx750)

      Tried a different Graphics card.


      Nothing. And I mean NOTHING. Stops my computer from hard crashing from flash content(videos mostly).

      It causes either a complete powerdown INSTANTLY, then my computer restarts. OR the other crash it does is complete LOCKUP with a horrible sounding static sound loop.


      Please help!