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    Lightroom 5.6 Import Error

    Traveling Light

      I am using Lightroom 5.6 on a Mac Pro OS X 10.9.4

      My library ircat file is in the normal (default) user file location.

      My photo library (contents) is on an external WD MyBook Thunderbolt Duo, connected via Thunderbolt.

      I have ample storage and RAM available.

      I have read/write permissions for "Me" through "Everyone" on both the Mac and the External Drive.

      I have imported photos previously.


      For the last three days, when I try to import ANY image (jpg, raw, etc.) from ANY location (hard drive, desktop, external hard drive, SD card,) via COPY, MOVE, or ADD, I receive the following error message:

      "Some Import operations were not performed. Could not move a file to the requested location."


      Why can't I import?

      What have I missed?


      Any help would be very appreciated,