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    Does DNG Converter support CFA DNG for X-Trans files?


      Does Adobe DNG Converter support the X-Trans sensor layout from ie. the X100S? Can converting an X-Trans sensor RAF file to to DNG result in a file that is _not_ in any way demosaiced and/or linearized?


      If DNG Converter truly does support conversion of X-Trans to CFA DNG files, how can the resulting files be so much smaller (when not linearizing or ticking lossy compression of the DNGs)? The RAF files are all around 32 MB, while the DNGs are around ~23 MB. Is it only a matter lossless compression, or is the mosaiced data in some way altered?


      If DNG Converter does support CFA DNG for X-Trans, at what DNG Converter version did you first implement support for the X-Trans sensor layout and conversion of X-Trans data to CFA DNG files?


      These are important questions that I'm having a hard time finding answers for. I'd appreciate answer to any (but preferably all) of the questions.