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    Photoshop CC 2014 Paint bucket doesn't work

    thebud Level 1

      I am just trying to fill a layer with the foreground color using the paint bucket.   I have the layer set to Normal 100% opacity and the paint bucket set to foreground 100% opacity, Normal mode. But I get zero. No color at all. The layers panel does show the color, just not the screen.

      Also--no color in the paint brushes and no pattern fill. Basically nothing paints on that layer.


      If I unlock the background layer and make it editable, I can use the paint bucket and brushes on that layer, no problem. But not on any layers above that.


      If I drag the background layer up to make it the top layer, I can paint on it one time.  If I change color, change tools, or start another layer. the bucket, brushes, etc. cease to work on that layer.  The only way to paint on a layer is to drag it down to make the bottom layer on the stack and paint on it there.


      For my purposes, this makes CC 2014 absolutely maddening, close to useless. Help!!!  I have been using PS for years and never had this problem til 2014.



      PS CC 2014, Win7 64 Wacom Intuos. Art pen. "Use windows ink" checked.