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    Running PageMaker 6.5 on a Windows 7 PC

    Jo Cokr

      This method of running PageMaker 6.5 on a Windows 7 PC, looks like a earlier suggested method, so does not claim to be new. Also this way of running page maker might not have full functionality for some work files are not saved.

      The way I'm running PageMaker 6.5 on a Windows 7 PC, I discovered by happy accident, after I put my Win XP had drive as 2nd HD in my Win 7 PC, after which I copied all my data files to the C: drive. Using the Page Maker short cuts, in this data (which still pointed at the XP HD, I found that the PageMaker 6,5 program on the XP HD actually started up and worked, with only the error message that it could not save a default file. Have other people found ways to get around the problem of the default files not being saved.