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    CheckBox within MovieClip will not select

    masterkrang Level 1
      I have a CheckBox within a MovieClip, and I'm simply trying to set the selected property to true.

      my movie clip's instance name is "data" and my CheckBox component's instance name is "opt1".

      My code is:

      data.opt1.selected = true;

      Anybody know why this code doesn't work???

      I only have trouble with the CheckBoxes within the movie clips, all other checkbox.select properties work fine.

      //thanks :) !!!

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          MotionMaker Level 1
          This works fine.

          Test example was a movieclip with instance name data on frame 1. It contains a checkbox named opt1. The code you posted in the frame.
          data.opt1.selected = true;

          Perhaps where you have the code the reference is inappropriate. You have the code inside a child or the data clip or a sibling of the data or somewhere other than the timeline to which data is attached.