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    Where are the configuration files

      Where does Contribute 4 store it's config files listing sites. It says I have a connection to a site but there is no link but then it won't let me set up a connection.

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          http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/knowledgebase/index.cfm?event=view&id=KC.tn_16657&extid=tn_16 657&dialogID=9373217&iterationID=1&sessionID=96304ad7e96b96e1a3f1&stateID=0+0+9377480&mode =advanced

          The Contribute files are stored in the following directories

          Contribute 4
          Windows XP, 2000:
          C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Adobe\Contribute 4
          Macintosh OS X:
          hard drive:Users:user:Library:Application Support:Adobe:Contribute 4

          Directory structure
          In the Contribute directory, there are three or more subdirectories: AsyncTemp, Configuration, and Sites. Other directories may be created depending on the site and any customization that has taken place.

          The most important directory, and the one discussed in further detail, is the Sites directory. This is where all temporary drafts are saved when pages are being edited and have not yet been published to the remote web server.

          AsyncTemp: The directory in which all the notes are stored.
          Configuration: The directory in which Contribute keeps track of recently published files and user-specific configuration files.

          Sites: A directory in which all defined sites are saved. Inside the Sites directory the site directory names are listed as Sites(number).

          Note: The location of saved drafts and settings is ...Site1. Depending on how many sites are defined in Contribute, the number will increase sequentially.
          OfficeTemp: A directory in which downloaded MS Word and Excel Office documents are saved.
          Sites directory structure
          The Sites(number) directory contains the following files and directories:

          Templates and notes directories
          _mm directory: This directory contains the permissions, drafts and lock files (files with .lck extension)
          Images and graphics
          When creating a new file, Contribute saves the new draft in the Sites(number) directory along with any other required and lock files. This information can be used if a problem develops with abandoned lock files.

          If the lock file is deleted on the server, then you will not be able to upload your draft. You must delete the drafts and lock files from the local machine and then delete the lock file on the server. This will free up the page for further editing. For more information about lock files and this issue, refer to Cannot publish drafts or change connection information (TechNote 16680).