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    How can I delete Add-ons for ever?

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      I tried some an add-ons in Indesign. Like Time Tracker and others. But they're not useful for me. I delete them in Extension Manager. But each time I start Indesign they load themselves up again. This is not what I want. Delete means 'gone for ever'.  What to do?

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          Howdy Member,


          I have just had the wonderful task of removing duplicates from a number of my applications, along with removing the ones I do not use, there are a number of dups...

          The fun little .zxp's and library extensions are usually found in two places,  The first is in your "appdata" folder (I am assuming you are using windows), the second place is in the program files under the required files or the Preset files.  I think though you will find most of the extentions in the appdata Folder, occasionally you might have to go into "All Users"..


          You will need to go into Users> your name> AppData>roaming>Adobe>Extention Manager CC>em Store>name of Program.  In the name of the program you are wanting to clean will be inside, just click on it and delete.  The other place in appdata might be in the name of the program and in it's own EM Store.  Check both placeses for the Time Tracker or whatever the extension and click to delete.  If you have any trouble write back.



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            I'm sorry, but I work on a Apple computer: Imac.