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    Timer and Tween in AS3

    SymTsb Level 2

      The site uses the timer class to fade in the background image (I already realize the menu is hard to see on lighter images - will be fixed in the final). Every once in a while, my tweens actually stop between 20% and 40%. The problem exists here and in the galleries (click seniors and click one of the gallery buttons). For the gallery, the larger image that fades in is on a timer to produce a "slide show" effect. I programmed the tween actionscript first and on its own, it works fine....always fades from 0-100% when a thumbnail is clicked. The only thing the two areas have in common now is the presence of the Timer which I added afterward to make images fade in and out without need for user interaction.

      Has this ever happened to anyone else? Any ideas why this might happen? I don't appear to have memory leaks etc and Flash doesn't crash and the timer doesn't stop. Just that with the presence of a Timer object, the Tween class will randomly fail to follow through its animation cycle.