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    Interactive: Timing Problems when exporting to FLA


      Hi everybody!


      Some other posts are dealing with the same problem, but no solution was found ...


      I´ve made an interactive presentation with IDCS5 (also tried with CC, same problem).

      When I export to SWF everything works as expected.


      Now I have to make additional changes in Flash (I need an automatic "go to next page" function after the last animation of each page – that´s not possible within ID).

      But when I export it as a fla-file and open it in Flash I loose the order of all the animations: They are all running at the same time!

      To reorder everything would be very time-consuming and/or would possibly end up in a huge mess. :-)



      Is there a way to keep the timing set in InDesign? Please! :-)


      THANKS in advance!