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    LR5 Exporting Jpg of only 1.2 mb


      After years of using Aperture on my mac I have downloaded LR5 trial. Once I have worked on my 500+ images I have tried to export them to full size jpg. The resulting images are only 1.2mb from the original Nikon D800 nefs of 50+ mb.  I have looked at the LR5 Support site and watched a video of how to export and the Export button which on the video is at the bottom left of the screen isn't there in my LR5. I have gone through view etc and can't seem to do it any other way than File/Select all/ export. I then don't get any option as to what file size I want. Im asked where to put them but not the size I need. I can take the "burn full size JPG" but it then wants a disc and I don't want to burn it to disc. Suggestions?  Could this be a restriction as its a trail. When downloading the trial from Adobe Im told there are no restrictions on the trial