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    Cannot get the batch processing to work in PSD CS4

    Deaf Mike Level 1

      Hoping someone can help me in PSD CS4.  I took 3000 photos of parts and now the customer wants me to add a watermark.  I created a watermark in record actions where I copied and pasted the watermark from an open document into an open part photo, then reduced opacity of watermark now inside the photo to 25%, then flattened image, then saved it as JPG.  You can see the recorded actions below:






      Next, I went to batch and set everything up there:






      ...but as you'll see I keep getting that "specify the extension" but i thought i already did by adding .jpg in the field and also the recorded action was a save as jpg, so I'm not sure why it isn't working.



      One other thing - I must keep the newly watermarked image the same name as the original.  For example if the original is K-100-01.jpg then the new one must be the same.  However, if I need to add a number to it like K-100-01-0000.jpg that's fine too.



      Any help is appreciated.  Thank you.