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    An Unexpected Error


      I'm trying to add or edit a quiz question in my Adobe Presenter module, and am getting the dreaded:



      I am able to add the question, or edit an already added question.  However, my edits are not saved when I click "OK". Presumably due to this unexpected problem.

      Even if I were to open the Quiz Manager and click "OK" without changing anything, I get the "unexpected problem" error.


      Operating a trial version of Adobe Presenter 10, and, frankly, don't see any reason to move forward.  I was hoping to just slap together a quick module from an existing deck, and probably would have been through all this if I'd transferred it to Captivate.  The module would have been a fading memory had I used Articulate.



      Adobe Presenter 10 (trial)

      Powerpoint 2010

      Windows 7