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    Layered video zoom


      I'm semi new to the world of After Effects. I'm making a video that has a smaller video layered over it. I used 3d tracker and made a null object I connected the smaller video to. Its lined up and tracks great. Half way through the video I'd like to zoom in to see the added smaller layer clearer. I precomped everything to a new comp and i can zoom in but everything gets fuzzy. the added smaller layer does not get as fuzzy if i just zoom the screen in the first comp where i put it all together. Is there a way i can zoom in and still retain the best quality on a zoom? Thanks for any help.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          If both layers are scaled at 100% in the original comp, you will lose resolution on either one of them if you animate the scale up... i.e. zoom.  AE CC's got a new software snippet that help a bit, but I don't know much about it or or how well it works.

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            JeepHed Level 1

            Thanks for the reply. At the start of the scene the bottom layer is 100% and the smaller tracked layer is 13%. During the scene I want to zoom in. So the bottom layer would be over 100% and the smaller tracked layer would still be under 100%. The only way I can figure out how to zoom them together is to precomp them into one and then zoom. But then it all gets fuzzy when I zoom (I would think only the bottom layer should get fuzzy).

            Any ideas would be appreciated.

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              Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Depending on how your original comp is set up, and presuming you've tried the obvious and used the "Zoom" parameter of a camera in your original comp, there are two approaches I can think of.


              1 - Set your pre comp in the main "Zoom" comp to Collapse Transformations. 


              Depending on the nature of the 3D and camera usage in the pre comp, this may have unpredictable results.  If that's the case, the alternative:


              2 - Forget precomping.  In your main comp, add a 3D Null and link all necessary layers to it, taking care not to damage any links between tracking nulls.  In your case, this is probably the tracked footage layer, and the Null that contains the tracking data.  Then animate the scale and position of the new 3D Null, which will in turn scale and position your other elements.  Fake a zoom into the footage in this way.

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                JeepHed Level 1

                Thank you for the help. i created a new Null layer and made it 3d. then i parented the tracking null and the background footage to it. i can use it to change the scale and "zoom" but it totally looses the alinement and the smaller layer goes off the screen if i zoom enough.